Percy Knauth(Percival Roediger Knauth)
1914–1995updated 16 March 2011
Eulogy by Billie Boatwright
Obituary in The New York Times

1960 Photo by Esther Bubley

Selected Publications and Reports
1982Safety in the SkiesTab Books
1979A Mysterious PresenceWorkman Pub. Co.
1975A Season In HellHarper & Row
1974The MetalsmithsTime-Life Books
1972The North WoodsTime-Life Books
1972-06-09Fighting Mental DepressionLIFE Magazine
1970The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom (Ed.)The Danbury Press
1962-04-09$10,000 Worth of SweetbreadsSports Illustrated
1962Sports Illustrated Book of Safe DrivingJ.B. Lippincott Co.
1960Wind on My WingsDoubleday & Co.
1959-07-13We Could Swim It From HereSports Illustrated
1959-07-06Adventure With A New Lone EagleSports Illustrated
1948-03-29Anna on the AutobahnLIFE Magazine
1947-07-28No Road Back?TIME Magazine
1947-03-17What Would You Do?TIME Magazine
1947-02-10The Great FrostTIME Magazine
1946-11-04A Letter from The PublisherTIME Magazine
1946-04-29Lest We ForgetTIME Magazine
1946Germany in DefeatAlfred A. Knopf
1945 JulyDid Hitler Die Here?LIFE Magazine
1945-05-28Goring's BeautiesTIME Magazine
1945-05-28Hitler Bomb PlotLIFE Magazine
1945-05-21Last Days of BerlinLIFE Magazine
1945-05-21Adolf Hitler's Last HoursTIME Magazine
1945-05-14Back from the GraveTIME Magazine
1945-05-07The German PeopleLIFE Magazine
1945-04-30BuchenwaldTIME Magazine
1945-04-23The People & the FutureTIME Magazine
1945-04-16Chaos—and ComfortsTIME Magazine
1945-04-16Gertie & the G.I.sTIME Magazine
1945-04-09No GTIME Magazine
1945-04-09A Letter from The PublisherTIME Magazine
1945-04-02A Letter from The PublisherTIME Magazine
1945-01-29A Letter from The PublisherTIME Magazine
1944-10-23Fear in RumaniaTIME Magazine
1944-10-16On the MarchTIME Magazine
1944-05-15The Chimneys of LeipzigLIFE Magazine
1942-06-20The Suction Factor in GermanySaturday Review of Literature
1941-02-10Church-State Rift Is Closing in ReichNew York Times
1940-09-07R.A.F. in Battle over Nazi CapitalNew York Times
1939-06-04A Catholic Truce Sought by NazisNew York Times