Russian Center of Computing for Physics and Technology

from Geoffrey:

My physicist and computer scientist friend Stas Klimenko of the Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino, Russia, has formed a new computing center to create scientific and employment opportunities for talented scientists in the former Soviet Union. Stas' description of the Center is given below. I know Stas from my friendship with Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, because Stas and his friends have been working on free software in Russia. They have also translated Donald Knuth's "TeXbook" beautifully into Russian. When Stas visited me for the third time in October, 1994, he showed me one of the 30 volumes of Oracle 7 Server documentation they have recently translated. At Cambridge Boat Club, Stas quickly learned how to row an Alden shell, and he hopes to return to race in the Head of the Charles regatta.

from Stas:

Russian Center for Computing in Physics and Technology is formed.

The "Russian Center of Computing for Physics and Technology" (RCCPT) is a new enterprise which has recently been formed in Protvino, Russia. This is a nonprofit independent Institute with the major goal of supporting Computer Scientists in Russia, including teaching them to work in new market environments following the western standards. The activities of the RCCPT include fundamental investigations in use of computers in physics, research and development for industry, and education in computational science. RCCPT is directed by Stanislav V. Klimenko of the Institute for High Energy Physics. The founders of the RCCPT include The Ministry of Science, The Ministry of Atomic Energy, The State Committee of Higher Education, Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, RDTeX, etc. Unfortunately such high level of founders does not mean that the Center has high level of funding.

The RCCPT will involve the most talented computer scientists and engineers from institutions and laboratories all over Russia (primarily Protvino, Moscow, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, etc.). A priority for these scientists and engineers will be cooperation with western institutions.

The RCCPT is located at Protvino in the Moscow region, about 120km south of Moscow, and is going to open affiliates at Novosibirsk and St.Petersburg. The Center has a small budget from Ministry of Science to support starting activities. The initial RCCPT staff consists of about 25 highly skilled specialists in the following areas:

    System programming (compilers, OS, utilities, tools, etc.)
    Data management technology and applications
    Data processing and data analysis (on-, off-line)
    Mathematical, Geometrical, and Physical Modeling
    Visualization and rendering
    Text Processing, Presentation Graphics, and Desktop Publishing
    CAD/CAM applications
    Software System Integration
RCCPT specialists have strong experience in using different hardware (VAX, DEC stations, Sun SPARC stations, Silicon Graphics IRIS, DG AViiON, IBM PCs, etc.) and software (VMS, UNIX, Ultrix, DG/UX, MS-DOS, WINDOWS, OSF/Motif, etc.). They also have good working experience with a number of the European and American Research Centers. RCCPT has at its disposal post-graduate students of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

RCCPT specialists are also working in theoretical physics (such as the visualization of string theory, quantum three-body problem, etc.), in experimental research in High Energy Physics (such as PAW - Physics Analysis Workstation, and supporting data analysis software for experiments in High Energy Physics, etc.). The RCCPT is distributing and supporting TeXware in Russia (having russified TeX and translated "The TeXbook" by Donald Knuth and other related documents), and RCCPT is improving of the Internet infrastructure in Russia.

RCCPT will work mostly in Russia, but would like to have representatives and/or collaborators in western institutions for better communication with scientific and industrial groups. Dr. Stanislav V. Klimenko, director of RCCPT, encourages western scientists and persons in business and industry who wish to work with RCCPT to contact him directly at the address given below.

The following are the benefits we can offer to the Computational Science and Industrial Communities:

	R&D-driven software products,
	Highly skilled, world-class labor at a fraction of Western costs.
RCCPT sincerely hopes that it can contribute to the development and maturity of computational physics in Russia, with a high degree of collaboration with computational scientists and persons in business and industry in the West. RCCPT will work with a high level of productivity and quality.

Biography of Stanislav V. Klimenko, Director of RCCPT

Stanislav V. Klimenko is chief of System Analysis Laboratory at the Institute for High Energy Physics (IHEP, Protvino), principal scientist at the Institute of Computer-Aided Design of the Russian Academy of Science (ICAD, Moscow), and Professor of Computer Science at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). Currently he is also the director of the International Project "Visualization of Complex Physics Phenomena in Virtual Environments" of the "Russian Center of Computing for Physics and Technology", which supported by Ministry of Science and Technology Policy of the Russian Federation.

Dr. Klimenko's research interests include Data Analysis for High Energy Physics, Scientific Visualization, Database Management Systems, and Database Publishing.

Dr. Klimenko received a masters degree at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1966, an approved Candidacy in Physical-Mathematical Science at IHEP in 1974 and the Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Science at IHEP in 1986. He was elected Professor of Computer Science at MIPT in 1992. He has collaborated with scientists at Arizona State University, University of Kaiserslautern in Germany, and the National Research Center GMD in Germany.

Dr. Klimenko is on the editorial board of the international journal "Computer & Graphics" and of the Russian journals "Programming" and "Computer Graphics". He is a member of the European Association EUROGRAPHICS, and a member of the EUROGRAPHICS Executive Board. He received the USSR Council of Ministers Award on Science and Technology in 1984.

Dr. Klimenko has lectured and published on several different topics in Data Analysis and Visualization.

Dr. Klimenko can be reached at:

Stanislav V. Klimenko
Institute for High Energy Physics
Protvino, Moscow Region
142284, Russia
fax: +7-095-230-2337