Geoffrey S. Knauth, Professional Biography

I worked at SFA, Inc. until 28-Feb-2006. I was a computer science instructor at Lycoming College 2006–2010. Since then I've worked for a few startups and done contract work when possible. I did a little natural language research for Discovery Machine, Inc. Currently I'm doing small contract work (Django/Python) for Calltrunk, Inc.

1995–2002. At BBN Technologies I was a Senior Systems Engineer in the Distributed Systems and Logistics Department. I did logistics research and development in C, Perl, Java, C++ and Scheme. BBN was a wonderful company, by the way. I loved my job and my coworkers were the best. I loved Boston too. When my wife's teaching job moved our family to central Pennsylvania, BBN, the company that built the Internet, allowed me to telecommute for 2-1/2 years. But the economy soured, Sept. 11 happened, projects dried up, and my number was up too.

Speaking of great BBN colleagues, here's a special shout-out to Dan Ellard.

You can freely download two of my old department's cool products, OpenMap®, and Cougaar.

During 1995-96, I did R&D to help my boss realize his dream, a BBN spin-off that became Unicast, using less intrusive directed advertising and interactive multimedia to support Internet entertainment programming.

GSK résumé (pdf). Member of ACM, IEEE, Usenix/Sage. Treasurer of FSF. Please support free software!

Short biography Marble wrote for me while I worked there (1991-95)

(I keep this out of nostalgia for the consulting company that was Marc Elvy's life and dream.)

1991-95. Senior Technology Consultant, Marble Associates, Inc.

Geoffrey Knauth, starting in 1975, has developed programming expertise working in most every available Unix environment since 1978, using PDP-11, VAX, Sun, IBM, HP and NeXT computers. Prior to joining Marble in 1991, Geoffrey managed development of the Sun-based Breeze display advertisement graphic workstation (which assembles pages for large metropolitan newspapers) for Camex/DuPont Printing and Publishing. In addition to his Unix programming experience, Geoffrey has implemented systems for image processing, font handling, national sports events, salesforce automation, distributed databases, celestial navigation, satellite weather data collection and analysis, foreign language machine translation and grammar correction, Russian language instruction, travel brokerage, service scheduling, and systems administration. Since joining Marble, Geoffrey has worked on Marble's Teleconnect SLIP connectivity software, the API for DecisionBuilder(tm), a Bayesian analysis tool with superior graphics and algorithms, globally distributed trading house systems, database-building compiler enhancements to speed understanding of large software projects, ParcPlace and Digitalk Smalltalk applications, Smalltalk interface layers to Oracle and widgets under Windows and OS/2, conversion of mainframe systems to client/server technology and Sybase, and projects integrating Tcl/Tk with Scheme, Objective-C and the World Wide Web. Geoffrey is administrator of the GNU Objective-C project and co-chaired a Free Software Foundation conference in Moscow in 1993. Fluent in Russian and French, with a working knowledge of German, Geoffrey maintains relationships with computer scientists, mathematicians and physicists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and with United States economists, scientists and agencies offering advice to the movement for market reform in the Commonwealth of Independent States. He was also twice coxswain on the United States Rowing Team at World Championships. Geoffrey holds the A.B. degree in Economics from Harvard University.

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