National Team Worlds Experience

1994 US Men's Pair With Coxswain

9th at Worlds in Indianapolis, USA

Oliver Rando, bow
Didzis Voldins, stroke
Geoffrey Knauth, cox

1989 US Men's Four With Coxswain

11th at Worlds in Bled, Yugoslavia

Andy Morrow, bow
Todd Hinrichs, 2
Jim Neil, 3
Jeff Klepacki, stroke
Geoffrey Knauth, cox

Other National Team Activities

I got a lot of elite experience coxing at Boston Rowing Center during 1988-1992, when Boston was the training base for half of the national team. I will always remember that era as extraordinarily special.

After 1992, USRowing stopped funding BRC. The heavyweight men's sweeps moved to San Diego, the heavyweight women's sweeps moved to Chattanooga, and the scullers moved to Occoquan and then to Augusta. There are still a good number of lightweight men and women training in Boston, and between the colleges, schools and clubs the Charles River maintains its vitality. When I am not coxing for what remains of BRC, I cox masters crews at Cambridge BC and row the single as often as possible. In fact, I was recruited into this year's coxed pair while rowing in the Charles River Basin one fine sunny day in August!

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