So you want to be a national team coxswain?

An aspiring national team coxswain was about to go to a camp, and asked me for advice.

What you do at the camp is cox boats, don't make mistakes, be sharp and clear, steer straight, don't let anyone get the better of you, get to know the rowers and coaches very well, and listen, listen, listen. Everything you need to know you can pick up from listening to what the coaches say they want, and listening to the rowers needs, and helping people achieve. Be there for people. They won't always be there for you, but if you can live with that and be strong, you'll find that someday they really will be there for you. You should probably invest in some personal tools, and you'll definitely need your own cox box if you are serious. A very bad thing a cox shouldn't do at a camp is to act like a know-it-all; pride cometh before a fall. Overly arrogant coxes really annoy coaches, who aren't looking for competition for their authority. They want partners and implementers. Rowers are usually incredibly keen on being on the coach's good side and doing what he/she says. Take notes, keep a journal. Get to know everyone, nobody wants a hermit on a team. Find a place, like the library, where you can go for private down time when you need it. Don't be late for practice, ever. And if you ever have a bad day, figure out what went wrong, don't blame anyone, look to yourself for answers, have a good think and a good rest, and pick yourself right up the next day. You'll be a winner in the end.