I've rowed 226 miles as of 10 August 1996. This is low for me. I've been busy with work, mainly, and with coxing. I'm coaching inner-city kids from the Mandela Health Spot at Community Rowing two evenings a week.

Done: Mt. Lafayette (January), CRASH-B, Boylston 30K (running), Mt. Cardigan (March) to watch the awesome Comet Hyakutake, 100th Boston Marathon (ran with Robin DeWitt, who pulled me through mile 23), Riverside Sprints, Derby Sweeps and Sculls. Planned: Green Mountain Head.


I rowed 1,271 miles in 1995.

Done: CRASH-B, Boylston 30K (running), New Bedford Half Marathon, San Diego Crew Classic (coxing), Boston Marathon, Presi Traverse (White Mountains), national team trials (coxing, 2+), Green Mountain Head, Head of the Charles (coxing).

Scratched: Princeton Chase (2x). Apparently they are no longer allowing non-collegiate entries in the small boats race. Very annoying!

Also scratched: Newell Triathlon, due to two days of snow and ice immediately before the event. Apparently there aren't even steps to run inside the Harvard Stadium. I wasn't in proper shape anyway, compared with last year's record. Skiing, anyone?


In 1994, I rowed 1,542 miles. Someday I hope to row 3,000 miles, which is the amount of yearly training I hear the legendary Stuyvesant Pell puts in down at Princeton.

In April, I ran my 10th marathon in Boston, with about 20,000 other runners. Little did I know I'd run another one in Protvino, Russia, 12 days later, with 10 participants. It was pretty cool--the Easter Marathon around Four Churches. A Russian army car led the way, and every 8km we'd stop for 90 seconds to drink tea and munch on black bread and raisins. The running club at the Institute of High Energy Physics runs a marathon a week. Perhaps with their experience in mind, it was not so hard for me to run 425 miles August 18 to September 17, when I shed a few pounds (22) to cox the US Men's Pair With at Worlds.